From the Team

Dedicated Co-Founder
Apr 20, 2019
Davao server

We're testing a Davao server. Feel free to try it out!

Workaholic Founder
Mar 12, 2019
New SORAnomics logo

We put up a new four-color logo for SORAnomics representing the four classes of people...

Dedicated Co-Founder
Feb 14, 2019
Find the Right partner!

For valentines' day, we're announcing that we've begun ideating on a marriage feature..

Multitasking Documenter
Jan 12, 2019
Intern's Corner: How To Get Experience?

"How old are you?"
"I’m 20 years old. What do you think I should do at my age?"
Some people said: “Oh, You are so young, girl. Enjoy your life...