Your government working for you

Social Governance (SOGO) is our implementation of Supersociology and manifests as a local government platform for paying taxes, reporting crime, applying for licenses, distributing relief goods, etc.

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Everyone working together. And checking each other.

SOGO coordinates public services within SORA, implementing David Hume's governance system to augment Adam Smith's self-regulating moral and economic system. Simply, SOGO is high-level and broad, while SORA is low-level and granular.

SOGO will have Vote and will be connected to SORA Match, SORA Pledge, and SORA FairTax

SOGO implements the political system proposed by David Hume and is connected to the economic system proposed by Adam Smith, called SORA. If SORA is the implementation of SORAnomics, then SOGO is the implementation of Supersociology, derived from Plato's Republic and Hume's Essays.

Unlike the commercial system which is based on money, SORA is based on individual morals. Unlike the current political system which treats each citizen as the same, SOGO keeps track of each person's morality in order to make governance more manageable and to reduce the probability of getting immoral leaders.

A true shepherd is concerned only with the good of his flock. He must provide the best for them. Likewise, the ruler could only regard the good of his subjects. (Plato, The Republic Book 1)

A Non-Arbitrary Democratic System

Based on Plato's Republic, with tweaks by Hume and Grotius

Economic Democracy

Democratic Governance

SOGO puts democratic human societies under the doctrine of consequence, known in Eastern philosophy as karma, different from the current democratic systems which are under the doctrine of liberty, which manifests as oligarchy and populism.

As one form of government must be allowed more perfect than another, why may we not enquire what is the most perfect of all..though it be not so easy to establish a new system of government? In some future age, an opportunity might be afforded of reducing the theory to practice, by the combination of men to form a new one, in some distant part of the world

David Hume, Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth