Chapter 11d, Part 2: Rent -- The produce that may or may not afford rent: Wood & Clothing

53Human food is the only produce of land which always affords some rent to the landlord.

54"After food, clothing and lodging are the two great wants of mankind."

55In its rude state, land has a super-abundance of the raw materials for clothing and lodging, more than it can feed.

56 The skins of the large animals were the original materials of clothing. 57 The raw materials of lodging cannot always be transported as far as those of clothing.

58 Countries are populous according to how many can be fed, not according to how many can be clothed or lodged.

Unlimited Desires

59 When a family can provide food for two families by the improvement of land, half the labour of society becomes sufficient to provide food for the whole.

"Those, therefore, who have the command of more food than they themselves can consume, are always willing to exchange the surplus, or, what is the same thing, the price of it, for gratifications of this other kind."

"The number of workmen increases with the increasing quantity of food, or with the growing improvement and cultivation of the lands."

60 Food is the source of the produce of the land which affords rent. 61 Those other produce of land which afford rent, do not afford it always.
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