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SORA Learn and SORA Apprentice are disruptive social education systems derived from Adam Smith's educational reform proposal  in the Wealth of Nations.

SORA Learn and Apprentice

"Most of the improvements made in several branches of philosophy were not made in universities."

"For a long time, several of those universities chose to remain the sanctuaries for exploded systems and obsolete prejudices after they had been hunted out of other parts of the world.. In general, the richest and best endowed universities were the slowest in adopting those improvements."

Learn useful things and get employed, without the debt

The current certificate-based educational system allows people to get degrees without learning anything useful while the universities earn a lot. Such a system arose after the fall of the Roman Empire when power shifted to rent-seeking clergy and guilds which established the first centralized universities, which monopolized education and trade.

SORA Apprentice

Students pay with their work
SORA Apprentice fixes training by bringing back the apprenticeship system espoused by Adam Smith, derived from the original Roman system of education. In this decentralized system, students are free to choose their teachers and pay with their own work as apprentices or the future value of their wages through income sharing agreements. In this way, education spreads freely, leading to a population more capable of advancing and prospering.

SORA Learn

Education in modules for customizing your skill set
While SORA Apprenticeis for informal education, SORA Learn is for formal learning. It splits learning into 1-month modules which end in a written or practical test or proof of learning, and can be mixed and matched with other modules from other colleges to create custom skill sets that are natural to each person. To find employment, one just has to find the jobs that require the modules that have been studied. In this way, students don't have to learn useless things and employers don't have to pay for unecessary educational expenses.

Connected to SORA Jobs, SORA Match, and SORA Pledge

Both SORA Apprentice and SORA Learn reduce the cost of education by connecting learning modules directly to industry and society through SORA Jobs. For those who cannot even afford this less expensive education, SORA Pledge is available to connect donors and investors to aspiring students. Unlike income sharing agreements (ISAs), SORA Pledge is a crowdsourced and hyperlocal.

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