Thoughts on Social Superphysics*

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* The field of study which SORAnomics and Social Governance falls under, as an implementation of Hume's Science of Man
Economics vs SORAnomics
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Differences between Smith's System and Capitalism
The Fallacy of Equilibrium 1: The Demand Curve and Fallacy of Profit Maximization
The Supply Curve of Monopoly
The Fallacy of Equilibrium 3: A Corrupt Science
Purchasing Power: The Proper Alternative to GDP
Economics vs SORAnomics Supply Curve
The Fallacy of Steady State Theory
Five Factors Affecting Wages and Profits
If SORAnomics had a textbook..
Economists and Businessmen
The Last Capitalist
Simple Say's Law
Ricardo Labour Theory of Value
Marx vs Smith
Marx vs Smith
Taxation and Development
Extraplanetary SORAnomics
The Music Industry is Naturally Where it's Supposed to be
The Skyscraper Curse
Welcome to the Precrisis Years (2016-2018)
Credit, Money, and Barter
Simplified Multilateral Clearing of Schumacher
The Credit Crunch of 1772 and 2018
Why Economists Want Inflation
Zero Inflation
Universal Exchange
Barter Disadvantages Addressed
Fourth Branch of Government
Fourth Branch of Government
The Ideology Matrix
How to be Rich
If Not Utility, then What?
Profit maximization is absurd
Profit maximization is absurd
Metaphysics and History
Timeline of Economic Thought
Economic Karma
Value Demystified
Metaphysical Wave
Impartial Spectator
Ideas as quanta
Bullet style writing
Free tools for web development
Defining Rent Wages and Profit
The Effort Theory of Value