Find the right match. Or just avoid the bad ones.

SORA Match is our personality matching system for education, jobs, products, fake news, and relationships, as a part of a new morality-based socio-economic system

Matchmaking isn't just for relationships


Have you ever hired the wrong employee? Getting the wrong person for the job could be very costly.


Are you sure you're studying the course that's best for you? Get it right with SORA Match.


Never launch a product again without being sure whether there are buyers in that area.

Health Risk

Is your current personality matching you with a future diabetes at 40? Know your future health risks before you end up with them.

Fake News

Reduce the visibility of fake news and scammers in your news feed. Be warned about possible fake jobs, fake products, and fake romance.

SORA Match allows robust, granular, yet efficient personality profiling that is physically verifiable

Myers-Briggs has 4 dimensions
SORA Match has 10
On SORA Match, the job applicant answers fewer questions than Myers-Briggs, but reveals much more information
IBM Personality Insights has too many

Powered by ISAIAH. Based on Spinoza.

Our mobile and web apps work together with machine learning to create ISAIAH or the Impartial Spectator Automated Intelligence Aggregation Host. Match is one of the skills of ISAIAH.

If our proposed political system is based on David Hume and our proposed economic system is based on Adam Smith, our proposed personality system is based on Baruch Spinoza's Ethics which proposes predestination which checks the liberalism of Hume and Smith.

A hamburger lover would think that he is eating hamburgers out of his free will. But metaphysically, his love for burgers is a predetermined bondage arising from a quality of his soul, which can then be revealed by data.