SORA Pledge - Invest in the people
Invest in the people

SORA Pledge is a decentralized donation and investment platform which allows cross-border cash and barter transactions

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For investors

Invest directly in your future retirement or for the benefit of your society.
Diversify your investments by investing on farms, education, and small businesses.

For investees

Avoid loan sharks and expensive lending.
Get resources without the usual bank requirements.

Reduce inequality by giving opportunities to those who show potential, even without cash

Venture capital and institutional investors only invests in high revenue organizations, allowing the rich to get richer and gain monopoly advantages.SORA Pledgeis an alternative capital allocation system that creates a level playing field that ensures sustainability of the society and the environment. It allows barter investments so that idle resources can be turned into productive capital.

Works Offline Too

SORA is based on Adam Smith's requirements which were written over 200 years ago before electricity was used. Below is an illustration of how it will work offline.

Offline Mode