Taonomics is a complete alternative to Modern Economics

Taonomics arose from Juan's personal research on the 2008 Financial Crisis which led to the 2008 Food Crisis, 2011 Arab Spring, and the Eurozone crisis.


The 2008 Financial Crisis arose from Allan Greenspan not doing his job of regulating the banking industry, citing Adam Smith who advocated non-regulation. So Adam Smith should be such an evil guy for causing so much trouble, right?

By going through Adam Smith’s works, we saw that he actually advocated the strict regulation of banking, comparing it to the building of firewalls to prevent the spread of fire. Greenspan was really citing Samuelson and neoliberal writers who preferred selfish-interest instead of social interest.

“Such regulations may be considered a violation of natural liberty. But those exertions of the natural liberty of a few individuals which might endanger the security of the whole society, should be restrained by the laws of all governments.. The obligation of building firewalls is a violation of natural liberty of the same kind with the banking regulations here proposed.” Wealth of Nations, Book 2

After concluding that Greenspan and Samuelson were the bad guys, Smith logically became the good guy to us. Smith cited David Hume heavily in his works. Hume cited Plato who wrote about Socrates who spoke about reincarnation and chakras. Socrates thus became the essential link between Western and Eastern philosophy.

Smith’s Digression on Silver talks about a 500-year pattern of prices which we extended to modern times. We found that all great crises in the 20th century followed the extended pattern. It pointed to a series of crises from 2019 to 2030 where prices will go haywire which we call The Great Stagflation. Our goal is to implement Smith’s alternative economic system during those crisis years as current systems will break down during those times. Update April 2021: The crisis years came viaCovid. It turned out that the medical system was the first one to break down. Our model predicts that the financial system will be the next one to crash at year X. Economic and political systems will be stressed much later.

We are looking for universities that would be interested in our theories, publishers interested in our books, and companies and angels that would like to invest in a resilient economic system that will preserve their businesses and capital during such a prolonged crisis. Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or use the chatbox on the lower right. We also accept donations in cash, kind, or labor (such as translating the posts or apps into your local language, or sharing our posts, apps, and pages).

New Ideas in Taonomics

  • Economic Singularity
  • The Four Laws of Value
  • The Invisible Hand of Human Dharma
  • Effort Theory of Value
  • Economic Balance via the DCIT Model
  • Grain Index and Purchasing Power
  • The Economic Table
  • Free Trade and Multilateral Clearing
  • Clearing Funds
  • Four Revenues
  • and many more!




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