Crisis-proof banking

Resource Banking is our resilient, crisis-proof banking system that will serve as the engine of the SORA system

Integrated in Pantry and Pool
SORA Resource Banking

The recent multiplication of banking companies in the United Kingdom has alarmed many people. But it actually increases the security of the public as it obliges all banks to be more circumspect in their own conduct.

Simple Wealth of Nations Book 2, Chapter 2

The engine of the SORA system

Resource Banking is the engine of the SORA system, just as commercial banking is the engine of the commercial system, and is really amultilateral clearing  for Adam Smith's commodity-based valuation.

How the system works


Local Trade: User deposits local goods in a Community Pantry via the Pantry app.

Foreign Trade: User orders foreign goods X via the Pool App


Local Trade: User gets points in exchange for his goods

Foreign Trade: User exchanges local currency Y for the imported goods X


Local Trade: User can clear his points back into goods at a future time

Foreign Trade: Social Banking clears local currency Y by disbursing foreign currency X to the exporter