The lowness of interest is the most certain sign of the flourishing condition of any nation

Silver is more common than gold.

The interest in Jakarta and Jamaica is at 10%, in Portugal it is at 6%.

Would money be more plentiful or interest lower if every gold guinea in English were replaced with 21 silver shillings?

What is so visible in these greater variations of scarcity or abundance in the precious metals, must hold in all inferior changes.

  • It increases frugality, by:
  • The infallible consequence of all industrious professions is to:
  • Among lawyers and physicians, there are many more who live within their income, than who exceed it, or even live up to it.
  • Merchants, on the contrary, beget industry by serving as canals to convey it through every corner of the state
  • Only the merchandize profession can:
  • Without commerce, the state must consist chiefly of:
  • Thus, interest is the barometer of the state.