An economic system based on social contracts

Crisis-proof, recession-proof, from the enlightenment

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Will you survive the Great Stagflation?

SORA is a new hyperlocal economic system designed for all kinds of crises

Update March 2020 The Great Stagflation begins as predicted courtesy of the coronavirus'

No money? No problem!

SORA allows transactions or social contracts in money, barter, and resource credits to circulate value


The social contracts can be for-profit or non-profit, allowing them to be useful even during crises

Bye bye uncertainty!

The Law of Social Cycles from Socrates is then used to predict the integrity of social contracts

The negroes on the coast of Africa have a sign of value without money. It is a nominal sign founded on the degree of esteem which they fix in their minds for every merchandise, relative to their need for it. A certain merchandize is worth three macoutes. Another is six macoutes. Another is ten macoutes. The price is formed by comparing all merchandizes with each other. They have therefore no particular money, but each kind of merchandize is money to the other.

Montesquieu, Spirit of the Laws

How it Works

SORA prevents crises, unemployment, poverty, etc by enabling flexible contracts


Post products or services that you sell


Search SORA for people that have posted their products or services


Trade with them and negotiate the terms. Unlike ecommerce, SORA accepts barter. Unlike barter, SORA accepts money

Everything in an economy all in one place

SORA is a complete economic system made up of different apps and APIs that work online or offline



The main app, a money-and-barter system for both local and foreign trade inspired by One Red Paper Clip


SORA Hub with governance features

SORA Indicators

Analytics for SORA data for real-time pollicymaking, inspired by the Bloomberg terminal

SORA Trade

Import-export platform that allows cash or barter


A pool clearing platform that allows imports/exports with local currency



A module-based learning and apprenticeship system that can be used even during pandemics or times of poverty. Target: 2023


A health diagnosis system that allows access to medical services and treatments for people without money


A relief distribution system that can work offline


An platform that allows both cash and kind donations and investments

Social Banking

A banking system based on resource credits


A matching system to increase the success rate of social contracts


A double-entry taxation system that prevents tax evasion and increases tax revenue by spreading it to more people


Machine learning for the SORA system

A Great Idea

SORA was selected in the Top 20 of the ASEAN's Next Great Idea contest in 2016 out of 400 startups in Southeast Asia


2008: Financial Crisis
The Great Recession, Food Crisis, Oil Crisis, Eurozone Crisis, and Arab Spring explode
2012: Research
Juan reads Adam Smith's works as a solution to the Financial Crisis. He consolidates it into SORAnomics which predicts an economic anomaly by Q1 2018 leading to a chain of crises from 2019 onwards. It gets rejected by journals.
2016 Startup
SORA is created as a startup to implement SORAnomics, with a 10-year sprint to deal with those future crisis years. The 2018 economic anomaly turned out to be the Bitcoin crash and the February stock market correction. But where is the predicted crisis of 2019?
2020: Implementation
The crisis years finally begin courtesy of Covid-19. SORA is deployed during the crisis years to see how it compares with the old systems of economics and medicine
2030 ownards
A New Science
Gathering of data and consolidation into the proper version of SORAnomics which aims to make economic crises, wars, and pandemics obsolete. This establishes the combined theories of Socrates, Hume, and Smith as a new science, just as Newton's Physics was proven by the prediction as Haley's comet long after his death


"I very much like this work:A Research Proposal For The Formalization Of The Science Of SORAnomics And The Establishment Of A Social Resource Allocation System"
Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista (University 2020 Foundation)
"It's a nice idea that I may use to a certain degree. SORAnomics does seem complex enough to represent reality, and we are slowly drifting to new system"
"I believe it is developing into a worthwhile project"
Prof. Gavin Kennedy, a world expert on Adam Smith
"I see enormous potential in soranomics"