The Simplified Economic Table by Quesnay

Economic Table

The productive expenses are employed in agriculture, mines, fishing, etc. to perpetuate riches in the form of grain, beverages, wood, cattle, raw materials, etc.

The sale of the Cultivator's net product in the preceding year, through the annual Advances of 600 livres employed in agriculture by the Farmer, gives the proprietor a revenue of 600 livres.

  1. A bad system of taxation which encroaches on the advances of the Cultivators.
    • Noli me tangere is the motto of these advances.
  2. Increase of taxes through expensive collection
  3. Excess of luxurious expenditure on decoration
  4. Excess of expenses for litigation
  5. Lack of foreign trade in the produce of the land
  6. Lack of freedom in domestic trade in:
    • native commodities and
    • agriculture
  7. Personal vexations of the rural inhabitants
  8. Failure of the annual net product to return to the productive class