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SORA Relief is our social disaster relief system for both natural and man-made disasters, made up of APIs and an offline mobile app

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Get by with a little help of your friends

The Haiyan disaster in the Philippines and the East Japan Earthquake showed the inability of governments to properly respond to disasters in a localized, granular way. SORA Relief solves this by implementing social disaster relief, where the people themselves are deputized and informed on how to respond to their situation properly.

Unterwald in Switzerland is frequently ravaged by storms and inundations. It is exposed to extraordinary expences. On such occasions the people assemble, and everyone very frankly declares what he is worth to be taxed accordingly.
The Simple Wealth of Nations, Book 5, Chapter 2

Everyone working to rebuild from disasters

Good for Collective Action Too

As an online social system, SORA Relief can mobilize society to do collective action on common problems.

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