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Superphysics is a view of the sciences using waves instead of particles, using the Metaphysics of Things or the Science of Man by David Hume

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Superphysics is the bridge that connects Physics or Science with Metaphysics or Spirituality


Mysticism, Religion: Feelings


Dialectics, Critical Thinking: Wisdom


Science, Math: Intellect

Everything is a wave that manifests as a particle

David Hume wrote that mentality creates physical reality, and that mentality is rooted in feelings which really is a wave. Therefore, waves create the physical particles that make our reality. Even your soul or atman is a particle which represents the wave of your oversoul-republic (Plato-speak) or paramatman (Sanskrit-speak), just as a citizen is a particle in his society-wave. We've consolidated their ideas to create The Metaphysics of Things

Here, the only expedient for success in our philosophical researches is to.. march up directly to the capital or center of these sciences, to human nature itself. Once we master human nature, we may hope for an easy victory everywhere else. From here, we may extend our conquests over all those sciences..We may hope to establish… a science which will not be inferior in certainty, and will be much superior in utility (Treatise of Human Nature)

Atomic Superphysics

Electrons are Positive, Protons are Negative
Have you wondered why negative ions make us feel positive, and positive ions make us feel negative? That's because electrons are really positively charged! Benjamin Franklin made a mistake when he called electrons as negative.
Light-waves carry more data than electron-particles
Light, as analog waves, carry more data than electrons that can only carry binary data as 'on' or 'off' at a time. Light can be digitized in glass to be controlled or stored.
Spin is the Reflective Ability of Particles
Entangled particles change their spin instantly to match the detector, giving it an illusion of retrocausality, when in fact it just shows non-locality. This non-locality is then the foundation of teleportation.
Space-time is not infinite
Space-time depends totally on perception. Rather than say that it is infinite, it is more correct to call it as totally abitrary. A particle, when imposed on (since it reflects reality), can therefore arbitrarily change its location and 'defy' gravity and locality.
Gravitation is a node of standing space-time waves
To Physics, mass creates gravity. But to our Superphysics, gravity creates mass. Therefore, gravity can be repelled by metaphysical means (cause) and not by physical means (effect). Yogi monks already do this when they levitate using metaphysical sound-waves called mantras, because it takes a wave to counter a wave.

Medical Superphysics

Viruses are in between waves and ideas
Cancers and diseases have already been cured by Non-Western Medicine (You just didn't know about it)

Social Superphysics

Political changes are caused by changing wave-cycles of society
Economic changes are caused by changes in the collective wave of desire

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Arsala Grey, June 2020

This is really interesting! This is such an ambitious project, I love seeing stuff like this!, April 2020
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