Trade without barriers

SORA Trade is our social platform for cross-border trade and barter

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Free trade when you need it

SORA is a hyperlocal economic system designed to clear demand with supply, with or without money. That's why it's real free trade.

For Producers

Have a ready market for what you're producing and know exactly what your market wants

For Logistics

Know regular patterns in delivery schedules so you can optimize your costs

For Retailers

SORA allows both cash and barter so you won't need to worry about trade financing

For Government

Get tax revenue in cash or in kind, even during a financial crisis

The lean, mean, price-war machine

While the Commercial system starts trade wars to raise prices, SORA does the opposite and starts free trade to lower prices as price wars. We're designing it for the coming crisis which we call The Great Stagflation.

The trades, the crafts, the mysteries, would all be losers. But the public would be a gainer. Because the work of all artificers would become cheaper this way.


The economic table implemented

The Physiocrats invented the economic table 250 years ago to trace the supply chain in order to create a cohesive economic system to rival that of the money-based Commercial (mercantile) system. The Commercial system won and became Economics and e-commerce. Our system brings back the Physiocrats' ideas through apps in order to compete with the modern merantile system which creates trade wars and environmental destruction just as it did 250 years ago.



Resource extraction processes for a smartphone
Resource processing processes
Resource trading processes
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This could save what remains of the Amazon.

SORA is a supply chain system that scales into free trade and adds moral measures to transactions. We originally envisioned it for African blood diamonds, but we are testing it for agricultural products to see if it can work with soybeans and meat. In this way, there could be less demand on meats fed with Amazon-grown soybeans. Or more realistically, it could undersell the meat and soybean suppliers that caused the Amazon's destruction.