Book 1: The causes of productivity & how produce is naturally distributed

Chap 1: Division Of Labour

Chap 2: The cause of the division of labour

Chap 3: Division of labour is limited by the extent of the market

Chap 4: Of The origin and use of money

Chap 5: Real (labour) and nominal (money) price of commodities

Chap 6: The component parts of the price of commodities

Chap 7: The natural and market price of commodities

 Chap 8: The Wages of Labour

Chap 9: Profits

Chap 10: Inequality in Wages and profit in the different employments

  1. Part 1: Inequalities from the Nature of Business and Employments
  1. Agreeablness or Disagreeableness
  2. Cost and difficulty
  3. Constancy
  4. Trust
  5. Risk (Lotteries)
  • Four things needed to balance out the inequalities in revenue
    1. Economic freedom
    2. Time
    3. Ordinary or Natural state of business or employment
    4. Specialization
  • The policies that affect employment or business
    1. Apprenticeships
    2. Corporations
    3. Wage Subsidies
    4. Poor Laws and Restrictions on immigration

    Chap 11: Rent

  • Digression on Variations on silver prices
    1. Mistaking wholesale price as retail price
    2. Laziness in making accurate copies
    3. Low ancient prices of wheat
  • Real Value
  • Second Period: 1570-1640 and Third Period: 1640-1700
  • Effect of demand on changes in silver prices
  • Variations Between Gold and Silver and Grounds for Suspecting Rising Silver
  • Effects of Improvement on the Three kinds of rude produce
  • Conclusion of Digression
  • Chapter Conclusion