David: How do you like living in the big city?

Maria: Well, it certainly is more interesting than the country. There is so much more to do and see!

David: Yes, but the city is more dangerous than the country.

Maria: That’s true. People in the city aren’t as open and friendly as those in the countryside.

David: I’m sure that the country is more relaxed, too!

Maria: Yes, the country is much slower than the city.

David: I think that’s a good thing!

Maria: Oh, I don’t. The country is so slow and boring!

David: How about the cost of living? Is the country cheaper than the city?

Maria: Oh, yes. The city is more expensive than the country.

David: Life in the country is also much healthier than in the city.

Maria: Yes, it’s cleaner and less dangerous in the country. But, the city is so much more exciting. It’s faster and more fun than the country. Maybe when I’m married and have children I’ll move back to the country.