1. Boston City a) is known as a b) huge seaport c) in the 18th and 19th d) centuries.

  2. In the 20th a) century, computers b) became c) more and more d) widespread calculation machine.

  3. Because computers a) are capable of storing, erasing and b) retrieve data c) easily, their use is becoming d) more and more widespread.

  4. a) Professor Antonov b) won two Noble prizes: one for c) economic, and d) another in literature.

  5. a) Critics say b) that Windows XP is not c) so efficient as the d) previous versions.

  6. a) You would b) rather study more c) thoroughly, than dance in night clubs d) all the nights long.

  7. a) E-mail b) can c) rich to any d) point on the globe.

  8. I a) like to b) spent my holidays c) lying d) in the sun.

  9. Ann and John, a) who are known b) as Bobsy twins, c) don’t actually look very much d) the alike.

  10. a) After b) vacations I have c) many news for you d) to tell.

  11. I a) think people b) while speaking should not interrupt c) one other. d) So do I.

  12. a) The 1943 Pulitzer prize b) was won by Ester Forbes for c) its biography d) of Paul Revere.

  13. Air, liquid, and a) gaseous are the three classical b) states of matter, c) but in this century, a fourth state: plasma d) has been added.

  14. a) Most journalistic web sites b) still depend on printing on print and TV stories c) from a great deal of their content of the majority d) of their pages.

  15. Rollerblading has a) become increasingly popular in b) the city of Cambridge c) in recent years ago.