1. We went on a trip out in the country to visit our friends, a girl I had known for many years.
    • A. We went
    • B. out in the country
    • C. our friends
    • D. I had known
    • E. No error
  2. Directions for the medication are written for the patient and state that you should not take more than four pills in twenty-four hours.
    • A. the medication
    • B. written
    • C. you should not take
    • D. more than four pills
    • E. No error
  3. Cats, dogs and guinea pigs, interesting animals, which make wonderful pets and add enjoyment to the lives of most families.
    • A. dogs and guinea pigs
    • B. which make
    • C. and add
    • D. No error
  4. Sneezing because of the dust on the road, the old car labored up the hill as Julie kept her foot on the accelerator.
    • A. because of the dust
    • B. the old car labored
    • C. kept her foot
    • D. on the accelerator
    • E. No error
  5. The presence of so many people in the church were a sign of how much the deceased man had been loved.
    • A. presence
    • B. many people
    • C. were a sign
    • D. the deceased man
    • E. No error
  6. Champion swimmer Maria Nogales came from Bolivia, where there was not many pools available to her for practice.
    • A. Champion swimmer
    • B. from Bolivia
    • C. there was not many pools
    • D. available
    • E. No error
  7. Laughing hilariously at Gordon’s outrageous behavior, Kevin nearly lost control of the sailboat.
    • A. Laughing hilariously
    • B. Gordon’s
    • C. Kevin nearly lost
    • D. No error