1. My best friend, John, is named __ his great-grandfather.
    a. after b. to c. about

  2. Grandpa stayed up __ two in the morning.
    a. since b. for c. until

  3. My parents have been married __ forty-nine years.
    a. since b. for c. until

  4. He usually travels to Philadelphia ___ train.
    a. by b. at c. with

  5. You frequently see this kind of violence __ television.
    a. with b. in c. on

  6. I told Mom we’d be home __ an hour or so.
    a. to b. in c. at

  7. I was visiting my best friend _____ the hospital.
    a. of b. at c. in

  8. The professor ___ South Africa amazed the American students with her stories.
    a. from b. of c. in

  9. I’ll see you __ home when I get there.
    a. in b. by c. at

  10. It’s been snowing ____ Christmas morning.
    a. since b. for c. until