SORA - An Economic System Based on YOU!

A new economic system based on a new economic science

Decentralized and democratic. For society, by society.


No money? No Job? No Problem!

Social Resource Allocation or SORA is a decentralized social free trade system based on Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, positioned as an alternative to Capitalism, Communism, and even the Commercial System itself. This new system comes from our proposed science called SORAnomics, derived from the works of the Scottish Enlightenment, specifically those of Adam Smith and David Hume. Our science is based on human nature instead of physics and physical nature which is the foundation of Economics.

Will your business survive the next recession?

Economic booms have always been followed by crises. Our system maps supply chains from the bottom up in order to maintain businesses and employment whatever the economic situation.

Inflation-Resistant. Poverty-Free. Bubble-proof.

SORA is based on Smith's book An Enquiry into The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. It mobilizes work by allowing people to trade in cash, kind, or both. It only fails when society fails.

Increase Real Profits. Find Customers and Suppliers.

Users can increase real profits by reducing the use of money and by disposing of unsold goods. Get wealthy through 'real' arbitrage instead of 'nominal' arbitrage.

Crisis-ready. Recession-ready. Disaster-ready.

SORA is based on David Hume's metaphysics and Adam Smith's moral philosophy. It builds 'fellow feeling' among humans which is useful for disasters and crises.

Our goal: Social Economic Singularity

Many economic problems can be solved by making 'economic agents' work together. We use technology to make it happen by solving all economic pain points through ISAIAH or the Impartial Spectator Automated Intelligence Aggregation Hub.

Everything in an economy, all in one place

Resource Database and Search Engine

Find resources and companies easily via text or map search

Reviews and Comments

Write reviews and comments on products, services, and companies just like any ecommerce platform

Economic social network

Message and bookmark potential suppliers and customers. Relationships are defined by trade and not by an 'Add Friend' button

Jobs and Work History

Post and apply for jobs. Your work history automatically becomes your CV.

Products and Commodities Listing

Browse products that are available in your town whether they are for sale or for rent

Parking, Vehicles, and Real Estate Listings

Do you need a house or a car or parking for your car? Know which properties have crime and floods

Insurance, Healthcare, and Medicines

Our Healthcare marketplace allows you to choose from different vendors

Animals are welcome

Our app allows animal-users to avail of veterinary services and even employment

Incident Reporting

Our mobile app will allow pinpoint GPS location for social disaster response

Learn and get employed, without the debt

Students pay with their work

The current certificate-based educational system allows people to get degrees without learning anything useful while the universities earn a lot. SORA Learn fixes this by bringing back the apprenticeship system espoused by Adam Smith, wherein students learn on the job and pay with their output.

"A young man’s education would be more effective, less tedious and expensive if he began working diligently as a journeyman. He would be paid in proportion to the little work he could do." Wealth of Nations Book 1, Chap 10 ​

Works Offline Too

SORA is based on Adam Smith's requirements which were written over 200 years ago before electricity was used. Below is an illustration of how it will work offline.

Offline Mode

Designed for Humans on Earth, Mars, and Everywhere

The SORA System is based on human nature and is deployable to any human society, even to future colonies in other planets.

NASA Space Apps Challenge

Most Inspirational Award 2018 Space Apps Challenge Manila

See our entry to the NASA Space Apps Challenge
To Mars!

A Great Idea

SORA was selected in the Top 20 of the ASEAN's Next Great Idea contest in 2016 out of 400 startups in Southeast Asia

MAGIC group

Feedback from Senior Academics

Gavin Kennedy

I believe it is developing into a worthwhile project..

Prof. Gavin Kennedy
Edinburgh Business School, a world expert on Adam Smith
Dhanjoo Ghista

I very much like this work: A Research Proposal For The Formalization Of The Science Of SORAnomics And The Establishment Of A Social Resource Allocation System.

Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista President, University 2020 Foundation