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SORA Jobs matches applicants with the proper jobs and employers to the proper applicants to prevent job mismatch and employee turnover

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Socially minded. Not Self-minded

Job-seeking in Economic-systems is all about money and certificates. Job-seeking in SORANomic systems is all about morality and skill.

The farmer frequently needs the service of smiths, carpenters, wheel-wrights, and plough-wrights, masons, and bricklayers, tanners, shoemakers, and tailors. Such artificers stand in need of one another.. The butcher, the brewer, and the baker soon join them. Many other useful artificers and retailers soon join them for supplying their wants and contribute to increase the town. Simple Wealth of Nations, Book 3, Chapter 1

Globally Scalable

We predict that employment systems such as this will be the norm, just as we correctly predicted the current economic crisis


Each SORA user can connect to different hyperlocal job sites to make location-based job searching easier

Connected to Education

SORA Jobs connects seamlessly to SORA Learn and Apprenticeto create an efficient learning-to-employment system

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