Think in Waves. Not in Particles.

Superphysics is a view of the sciences using dynamic waves instead of static particles, using The Metaphysics of Things which is our implementation of The Science of Man by David Hume and Dialectics by Socrates

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I only mean that when the word "science" is no longer used absolutely. Instead, it has a qualified object.
Simple Republic, Book 4, Chapter 3
This second study of harmonics, or the science of harmony, is a laborious study.. Dialectic, and dialectic alone, goes directly to the first principle.. It is the only science which does away with hypotheses in order to make her ground secure. Custom calls them 'sciences'. But they should have some other name implying greater clearness than opinion and less clearness than science. We called this 'understanding'. But why should we dispute about names when we have realities of such importance to consider? Dialectic, then is the coping-stone of the sciences. It is set over them. No other science can be placed higher. The nature of knowledge can go no further.
Simple Republic, Book 7, Chapter 4
You'll never look at stars in the same way again
"Existence" is generated in real-time through the flowing metaphysical waves of ideas just as the "Internet" is generated as electrical data flowing as 1's and 0s'. The Internet will end if this electricity stops flowing. The Hindus call this Virtual Existence as 'Brahma' and the Taoists call Its flow as 'Tao'. All the data served by the internet pre-exists, so it means that all possibilities already pre-exist. If you have a problem, then it means its solution pre-exists and you just have to find it.
Have you wondered why negative ions make us feel positive, and positive ions make us feel negative? That's because electrons are really positively charged! Benjamin Franklin made a mistake when he called electrons as negative.Rather than confuse everyone by calling the negative as positive, we'd rather call the negative as 'feminine charge', the positive as a 'masculine charge', and neutral as a 'bisexual charge'. The attraction between protons, electrons, and neutrons intuitively follow this naming convention, just as Shiva is male and Sharkti is female.
Light, as analog waves, carry more data as "R-O-Y-G-B-I-V" than electrons that can only carry binary data as "ON-OFF" at a time. Light can be digitized in glass to be controlled or stored.
Entangled particles change their spin instantly to match the detector or the observer, "collapsing" into reality. It also gives an illusion of retrocausality, when in fact it just shows non-locality. This non-locality is then the foundation of teleportation.
Can't find a WIMP of dark energy? That's because space isn't a thing that fills gaps between objects. Rather, it's just an effect of observation and is the same reason behind quantum non-locality.
Space-time depends totally on perception. Rather than say that it is infinite, it is more correct to call it as totally abitrary. A particle, when imposed on (since its 'spin' reflects reality), can therefore arbitrarily change its location and 'defy' gravity and locality.
To Physics, mass creates gravity. But to our Superphysics, gravity creates mass. Therefore, gravity can be repelled by metaphysical means (cause) and not by physical means (effect). Yogi monks already do this when they levitate using metaphysical sound-waves called mantras, because it takes a wave to counter a wave. All we need to do is to transfer this ability to vehicles.
A star is a young gravitational node that converts energy to matter and life. A neutron star is an adult node that converts matter to heavy matter and complex life and 'explodes' it to the universe. A black hole is a node that has done its part.A supermassive black hole is a big gravitational node that has finished creating matter and life as its galaxy. This creation of life in stars according to Material Superphysics then connects it to Medical Superphysics.
A black hole is not really a 'hole' since space is not a fabric. It's just a 'dark' star -- going to its center is just like going to the center of any star. There is no wormhole in its center that magically defies physical laws. A Physics that has some aspects exempt from Physics is like a religion with an omni-present God that is not present in some areas -- an inherent contradiction
If stars are matter-factories, then quasars are matter-energy recyclers that crunches the matter of galaxies and spits it out back as gas and energy to restart star formation, allowing the universe to have energy again, letting it last infinitely (or arbitrarily, depending on what its Creator or Generator wants). Stars convert data to information, but quasars do the opposite.
If the Newtonian philosophy be rightly understood, it will mean no more. A vacuum is asserted..Nothing is more suitable to that philosophy, than an ignorance in subjects, that exceed all human capacity
Section 5, Part 2, Book 1, Treatise of Human Nature

Practical Application: Better space travel

These corrected ideas will make physics coherent with quantum metaphysics, instead of being contradictory, allowing new technologies to be developed


  • Stainless steel
  • Very big
  • Uses Netwon's third law
  • Propulsion system comes from one end
  • Uses kinetic force released from fire from stored chemical energy (caveman technology) which it needs to carry with it
  • Very expensive to build and run


"Caravel, aka the Plate"

  • Conductive metal, perfectly symmetrical
  • Much smaller
  • Uses quantum entanglement and 'dark energy'
  • Propulsion system comes from the center of gravity
  • Uses the dynamic eletromagnetic force from spacetime, doesn't need to carry static fuel
  • Relatively cheap to build and run
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