Trade without barriers

SORA Trade is our social platform for cross-border trade and barter

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No Money? No Problem

Free trade is meant to be free

SORA is a decentralized, hyperlocal economic system designed to clear demand with supply, with or without money. That's why it's real free trade.

Have a ready market for what you're producing and know exactly what your market wants

Know regular patterns in delivery schedules so you can optimize your costs

SORA allows both cash and barter so you won't need to worry about trade financing

Get tax revenue in cash or in kind, even during a financial crisis

Global Trade at Your Fingertips

Global free trade isn't reserved for big players. SORA Trade allows everyone to participate in import export by putting all the existing trade rules in the app. As a free trade system, it implements Keynes' Multilateral Clearing Proposal   that was rejected in 1944 in favor of the US Dollar as the international reserve currency.

Under a regime of bilateral clearings, each country has free access to the trade and raw materials of those other countries which are its customers. Under Pool Clearing, access to trade is universally free.

E.F. Schumacher

The economic table implemented

Under the hood, SORA implements the economic table proposed 250 years ago by the Physiocrats which traces the supply chain in order to make it easier for policymakers to monitor their economy. This system was overshadowed by the money-based Commercial system and was never implemented.



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