The Analog Universe Streaming in 'Real-Definition'

Superphysicsis a view of reality using dynamic waves instead of static particles, asThe Metaphysics of Things  which is our implementation ofThe Science of Manby David Hume andDialecticsby Socrates

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Mysticism, Religion: Feelings
can be done by humans alone

0-50% Replicable


Dialectics, Critical Thinking: Wisdom
can be done by humans aided by computers

51-99% Replicable


Science, Math: Intellect
can be done by computers and AI

100% Replicable

The Bridge to Connect All Knowledge

Superphysics is the bridge that connects Physics or Science with Metaphysics or Spirituality and makes them useful. Since it's in-between science and metaphysics, then you can call it as 'formal data-driven pseudo-science' if you define science as being limited and restrained to the five senses, making sciencenaturally impotentin many areas of knowledge. But it is still a formal study that needs a lot of theory, experimentation, hard work, and quality control just like the science that is below it. In fact, Socrates calls it more laborious than the sciences, which explains why it was rarely developed.

Unlike Science that requires 100% replicability, Superphysics only needs 51+% replicability since every mind and wave-pattern is different. An alternative cancer cure that works for Mr. X might not work for Mr. Y, making it unacceptable to 'scientific' modern medicine which throws away such useful cures. Superphysics solves this by finding outthe pattern of differences  between Mr. X and Y so that that the cure can work for all Mr. X-types. It then finds the cures that fit Y-types, Z-types, etc. A common example is how the Japanese believe in different blood types, which is pseudo-science.

Superphysics adds that quality control to separate it from 'quack pseudo-science' or those with zero or random replicability, in order to fill in the gaps in human knowledge and finally solve those unsolved by science. Big data and data science are the primary tools of the Superphysicist, Superphysician, and Supersociologist who are upgraded from ordinary physicists, physicians, and sociologists/economists.

I only mean that when the word "science" is no longer used absolutely. Instead, it has a qualified object.

Socratic Dialectics Implemented

This quality control was called Dialectics by Socrates, which is totally different from the corrupted German dialectics espoused by Hegel, Engels, and Marx. Socrates' dialectics is purely metaphysical and so the German "dialect materialism" is an inherent contradiction similar to "good evil".

The observations and principles of the best Western philosophers must match those of the best Eastern philosophers since we exist in a single universe. We've consolidated their ideas to createThe Metaphysics of Thingswhich is the set of underlying principles that Superphysics works with. Eastern philosophy provides the overall truths and principles, while Western philosophy gives their specifics, creating philosophical teamwork to solve any problem that even science cannot solve.

AuthorNatural PrinciplesMethodSystem
SocratesTrue natureDialecticsScience of Harmonics
HumeScience of ManCritical ThinkingTreatise of Human Nature
Our versionMetaphysics of ThingsData science + Egoless Critical Thinking Superphysics

This second study of harmonics, or the science of harmony, is a laborious study.. Dialectic, and dialectic alone, goes directly to the first principle.. It is the only science which does away with hypotheses in order to make her ground secure. Custom calls them 'sciences'. But they should have some other name implying greater clearness than opinion and less clearness than science. We called this 'understanding'. But why should we dispute about names when we have realities of such importance to consider? Dialectic, then is the coping-stone of the sciences. It is set over them.No other science can be placed higher. The nature of knowledge can go no further.

Simple Republic, Book 7, Chapter 4

Everything is a wave that manifests as a particle

David Hume wrote that mentality creates physical reality, and that mentality is rooted in feelings which really is a wave. Therefore, waves create the physical particles thatcollapseto make our reality. Even your soul oratman is a particle which represents the wave of youroversoul-republic (Socrates-speak) orparamatman (Sanskrit-speak), just as a citizen is a particle in his society-wave.

We're in a Matrix! ▼
"Existence" is generated in real-time through the flowing metaphysical waves of ideas just as the "Internet" is generated as electrical data flowing as 1's and 0s'. The Internet will end if this electricity stops flowing. The Hindus call this Virtual Existence as 'Brahma' and the Taoists call Its flow as 'Tao'. The 'on' state is calledSaguna Brahmaand the 'off' is calledNirguna.All the data served by the internet pre-exists, so it means that all possibilities already pre-exist. If you have a problem, then it means its solution pre-exists and you just have to find it.
Everything is an Idea ▼
There are only two things in this 'matrix' of Existence: Experiencer and Experience. The latter breaks away from the former through a flow two forces: Positive (Shiva or Yang) and Negative (Shakti or Yin). We call this flow as energy or waves which then passes through two Experience-dimensions: Metaphysical and Physical. The metaphysical version of an experience is called an 'idea' and its physical version is a sensation or 'feeling'. We see things and touch objects because our nerves give us sensations which we re-create in our minds. The journey from metaphysical idea into real sensation is called 'action' or 'expression'.
Everything is a Mind ▼
The mind is a piece of the Experiencer as an arena to experience Its Own ideas and feelings, which are collectively called 'perceptions'. A mind that can do its own actions or expressions is called a 'living thing', and a mind that cannot express nor act is called a 'non-living thing'. 'Life' therefore is an expressive mind that inhabits a physical body. A 'soul' is such a mind taken without a body. A virus is in-between an idea and an expressive mind that uses living things to spread itself as its means of expression or action. Metaphysically, viruses and bacteria are simple ideas, while humans and cats are complex ideas. Their existence implies their innate need to express and experience Existence. Good and evil is how this need is protected or destroyed
'God' is Existence ▼
The question 'Does God exist?' can be answered by 'Can you perceive Existence?'. Since every physical perception has a metaphysical idea-equivalent, the human mind naturally creates the idea of a Deity to have a counterweight to extreme perceptions such as typhoons, life, death, wealth, goodness, evil, etc. Polytheism is having many deity-ideas for many perceptions. Monotheism is having a single idea for all perceptions. Atheism is in treating all perceptions as they are -- as Existence. Agnosticism is in not bothering to think about it at all. In our internet analogy, the 'internet' is Atheism, 'AWS, Google Cloud, Azure' are Monotheism, 'local webservers and VPN' are Polytheism, and Agnosticism is accessing the internet without caring about such things.

Here, the only expedient for success in our philosophical researches is to.. march up directly to the capital or center of these sciences, to human nature itself. Once we master human nature, we may hope for an easy victory everywhere else.From here, we may extend our conquests over all those sciences..We may hope to establish… a science which will not be inferior in certainty, and will be much superior in utility. Thescience of manis the only solid foundation for the other sciences.

Advertisement, Treatise of Human Nature

Material Superphysics

Electrons are Positive, Protons are Negative ▼
Have you wondered whynegative ions make us feel positive, andpositive ions make us feel negative? That's because electrons are reallypositively charged!Benjamin Franklin made a mistake when he called electrons as negative.Rather than confuse everyone by calling the negative as positive, we'd rather call the negative as 'feminine charge', the positive as a 'masculine charge', and neutral as a 'bisexual charge'. The attraction between protons, electrons, and neutrons intuitively follow this naming convention, just as Shiva is male and Shakti is female.
Light-waves carry more data than electron-particles ▼
Light, as analog waves, carry more data as "R-O-Y-G-B-I-V" than electrons that can only carry binary data as "ON-OFF" at a time. Light can be digitized in glass to be controlled or stored.
Spin is the Reflective Ability of Particles ▼
Entangled particles change their spininstantlyto match the detector or the observer, "collapsing" into reality. It also gives an illusion ofretrocausality,when in fact it just showsnon-locality.This non-locality is then the foundation of teleportation.
Space-time is not a thing ▼
Can't find aWIMP of dark energy? That's because space isn't a thing that fills gaps between objects. Rather, it's just an effect of observation and is the same reason behind quantum non-locality.
Space-time is arbitrary ▼
Space-time depends totally on perception. Rather than say that it is infinite, it is more correct to call it as totally abitrary. A particle, when imposed on (since its 'spin' reflects reality), can therefore arbitrarily change its location and 'defy' gravity and locality.
Gravitation is a node of standing space-time waves ▼
To Physics, mass creates gravity. But to our Superphysics, gravity creates mass. Therefore, gravity can be repelled by metaphysical means (cause) and not by physical means (effect). Yogi monks already do this when they levitate using metaphysical sound-waves called mantras, because it takes a wave to counter a wave. All we need to do is to transfer this ability to vehicles.
Stars are Factories for Life and Matter ▼
A star is a young gravitational node that converts energy to matter and life (or active mind since everything is a mind). A neutron star is an adult node that converts matter to heavy matter and complex life and 'explodes' it to the universe. A black hole is a node that has done its part. A supermassive black hole is a big gravitational node that has finished creating matter and life as its galaxy. This creation of life in stars according to Material Superphysics then connects it to Medical Superphysics.
Black 'Holes' are not holes ▼
A black hole is not really a 'hole' since space is not a fabric. It's just a 'dark' star -- going to its center is just like going to the center of any star. There is no wormhole in its center that magicallydefiesphysical laws. A Physics that has some aspects exempt from Physics is like a religion with an omni-present God that is not present in some areas -- an inherent contradiction

Practical Application: Better space travel

These corrected ideas will make physics coherent with quantum metaphysics, instead of being contradictory, allowing new technologies to be developed


  • Stainless steel
  • Very big
  • Uses Netwon's third law
  • Propulsion system comes from one end
  • Uses kinetic force released from fire from stored chemical energy (caveman technology) which it needs to carry with it
  • Very expensive to build and run

"Caravel, aka the Plate"

  • Conductive metal, perfectly symmetrical
  • Much smaller
  • Uses quantum entanglement and 'dark energy'
  • Propulsion system comes from the center of gravity
  • Uses thedynamiceletromagnetic force from spacetime, doesn't need to carrystaticfuel
  • Relatively cheap to build and run

If the Newtonian philosophy be rightly understood, it will mean no more. A vacuum is asserted..Nothing is more suitable to that philosophy, than an ignorance in subjects, that exceed all human capacity

Section 5, Part 2, Book 1, Treatise of Human Nature

Medical Superphysics

Viruses are in between waves and ideas ▼
Viruses are not living organisms, but are merelybadidea-waves, manifesting as RNA-particles or code, which infect the code or DNA of actual living organisms. This means that your soul is ultimately also an idea that 'infects' your body. Viruses expand exponentially, just like rumors and fashion trends, as long as there are many minds that are susceptible to rumors and fashion. Traditional vaccines are slow to develop, so Medical Superphysics advocatesmonoclonal antibodies  This method of curing a disease using the same material orideaas the disease is the same principle in vaccines, anti-venom, and homeopathy, and is the opposite of using chemicals.
Cancers and diseases have already been cured by Non-Western Medicine (You just didn't know about it) ▼
Wave-based treatments from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Treatment, and Homeopathy have been curing diseases for a long time but are not getting proper study because science is limited to the particle-based paradigm of the Western medicine which follows thescientific approach, which limits itself to observable data, usually of the visual kind. The problem is that many diseases have unseen causes, like viruses. Medical Superphysics uses Socrates' Dialectics, which studies thehidden patternsfrom observable data, and does not get 'stuck' on observables alone.
You have 3 billion selves ▼
The you of 'now' is different from the you a second ago and from the you a second from now. This produces 3 billion you's in a 100 year lifespan. Yoga is the union and mastery of your billion selves into one as 'self-realization'. This eliminates mental disorders, disharmony with others (anything not your self) and leads to consistent, harmonious yet impartial decision-making. This also destroys the grandfather paradox because the you that goes back in time to kill the past you is killing a different you. Politically, this changes the policy for jail-time and sanctions because the mind of the person in jail might be a different mind from the person who committed the crime.SORA Healthchecks these patterns to help determine whether a prisoner should be freed or kept longer, or sanctions against erring countries removed or made harsher (despite any conscious effort to cheat the system). The mental aspects of Medical Superphysics connects it to Social Superphysics and international policy, just as supernovae connected Material Superphysics to Medical Superphysics.

Practical Application: Medical Democracy

Medical Superphysics focuses on prevention by predicting the possible health issues that a person might have by checking the match of his soul-idea to the ideas of different diseases. Sickness begins when both ideas match.

If prevention fails and sickness begins, then the advantages of all medical religions, such as Western Medicine, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine, can be combined through dialectics to come up with the best cure for the paying capacity, culture, and mentality of the patient. Thus, curing is breaking the match between soul and disease by striking at the main connection point. These methods convert doctors intosuperdoctors.

The lively idea of any object always approaches its impression; and ’tis certain we may feel sickness and pain from the mere force of imagination, and make a malady real by often thinking of it.

Section 11, Book 2, Treatise of Human Nature

Social Superphysics

Political changes are caused by changing wave-cycles of society ▼
Political changes, from conservative & authoritarian, to liberal & democratic, and vice-versa, are manifestations of the changing stages in the lifespan of a society-organism, which itself is a metaphysical wave, just a soul is a wave manifesting physically as a 'lifetime' of a human, plant, or animal -- all made up of particles. The predictions on social changes falls under our proposed field ofSupersociologywhich finds the patterns of these waves, in the same way that prophets and oracles have done, but using data science instead of intuition. This is whatISAIAH  will do.
Economic changes are caused by changes in the collective wave of desire ▼
Buying and selling are rooted in desire, a metaphysical wave, which manifest objectively as prices, just as a subjective beauty contest is decided on objective points from judges. The ideas of GDP, Inflation, and Wealth then all extend from prices.SORAnomics  is the branch of Social Superphysics that deals with the changing waves of demand in order to match supply to it as quickly as possible by using social contracts andpool clearing
The ego is the cause of problems in society ▼
Personal morals are guided byconsciencejust as social morals are guided bythe common interest.This interest is the desire of the society-organism to exist and experience reality -- agazillion selves is certainly more interesting than a mere 3 billion selves. Morals, laws, traditions, and religions all try to push down the ego to be in line with other egos and within the range of the common interest.

Practical Application: A Happy Human Species Free of Scarcity and Injustice

SORAnomics and Supersociology prevent inequality from turning into revolution and crisis, just as Medical Superphysics prevents diseases from brewing into sickness. It uses data science to implement an automated version of Socrates'Guardians  mentioned inThe Republicto predict events and identify root causes of political and economic problems. Scarcity is reduced throughSocial Resource Allocation, maximizing the productivity of humans by relying on natural dynamic personal-interest waves instead of artificial static money.

Increase the benevolence of men or the bounty of nature, and you render justice unnecessary
Simple Treatise of Human Nature, Book 3, Part 2, Section 3

The minds of all men are similar in their feelings and operations. No one can be actuated by any affection which others are not susceptible to. In wound-up strings, the motion of one string communicates itself to the rest. So all the affections readily pass from one person to another, and beget correspondent movements in every human creature.

Section 1, Part 3, Book 3, Simple Treatise of Human Nature

It's time to level up

With all human problems solved, the species can evolve to a new one, revealing a new set of problems and mysteries (like what would your crew do if your spaceship breaks down in another galaxy)

All ideas are in three books:

Derived from Book 1 ofA Treatise of Human Nature
Derived from Book 2 ofA Treatise of Human Nature
Derived from Book 3 ofA Treatise of Human Nature

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