From produce to consumption

SORA Agreeculture is our agreement-based system for the production, harvest, and exchange of agricultural products.

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Division of labour and efficiency for agriculture

A popular odium attends the wheat trade in years of scarcity. It makes people of character and fortune averse to enter into it. The wheat trade is abandoned to an inferior set of dealers. The only middlemen that come between the grower and the consumer are the millers, bakers, mealmen, and meal factors, together with wretched hucksters.

Simple Wealth of Nations Book 4: Digression on the wheat trade

Get the most out of your plant workers

SORA Agreeculture uses the labour theory of value which focuses on the actual and long term productive capacity of humans, animals, and plants. It views plants, animals, and humans as workers who have certain needs to maximize their production. Unlike modern agriculture that only deals with maximizing short term productivity, we maximize long term productivity.

The economic table implemented

In 1758, the Physiocrats invented the economic table which traced the supply chain in order to create a cohesive economic system to rival that of the money-based Commercial (mercantile) system. The Commercial system won and became Economics and e-commerce. Our system brings back the Physiocrats' ideas through apps in order to compete with the modern mercantile system which creates trade wars and environmental destruction just as it did in the 18th century


Economic table


Resource extraction processes for a smartphone
Resource processing processes
Resource trading processes
SORAnomic Table

The third greatest invention of our time is the Economic Table

Riqueti, Philosophie Rurale 1763

Connected to SORA Trade

SORA Trade will allow agricultural products to be exported with or without money. Future contracts are non-transferable, reducing the possibility of speculation and commodity crises. Profits are instead sourced from the efficiency of the transactions, encouraging users to integrate more tightly than in the commercial system. This tight integration will also allow its members to trade in kind, making the system resilient to financial crisis and recesssions which we predict will happen in the near future as The Great Stagflation .