Analects (under construction)

Book 1: Learning

Book 2: Good Government, Filial Piety, and The Superior Man

Book 3: Abuse of Proprieties in Ceremonies and Music

Book 4: Social Virtue

Book 5: Disciple and the Golden Rule

Book 6: Wisdom Philanthropy

Book 7: Characteristics of Confucius

Book 8: Sayings of Tsang

Book 9: His Favorite Disciple's Opinion of Him

Book 10: Confucius in Private and Official Life

Book 11: Comparative Worth of His Disciples

Book 12: Philanthropy and Friendships

Book 13: Art of Governing amd Consistency

Book 14: Good and Bad Government

Book 15: Practical Wisdom and the Reciprocity the Rule of Life

Book 16: Good and Bad Friendships

Book 17: Nature and Habit

Book 18: Good Men in Seclusion

Book 19: Teachings of Various Chief Disciples

Book 20: Extracts from the Book of History