New Hubber
Feb 28, 2021

We onboarded Gerry!

Jan 15, 2021
Demo versions of SORA City and SORA Health are on the Play Store now.

The SORA system is now divided into five platforms with specific features:

AgreecultureBeaconEatsEventsFairtaxHealthIndicatorsJobsLearnOrgs PledgePowerReliefSOGOSpacesZoom
SORA Market (Rural or low density local trade)
SORA City (Urban or high density local trade)
SORA Trade (for foreign trade)
SORA Health (Medical trade)

Overhauled content to harmonize Hume, Smith, and Socrates

Dec 25, 2020
New Book: The Simple Republic by Plato
Dec 8, 2020

Juan has published his book on Google Books

We made it to the Top 15 of the JICA Ninja Program!
Nov 2020
New Book: Towards Maharlika
Aug 27, 2020

Juan has published his book on Google Books. Check it out!

SORA Health @AWS Hackday
Jul 22, 2020

We made it to the Top 5 of AWS Hackdays again, but not the Top 2. Last March, we moved out of AWS into Google Cloud which is much cheaper, to save on costs.

The Crisis Years Begin!
March 2020

Finally, the disaster that we have predicted in 2015 and have been pitching about since 2016 has come! Please prepare for a long crisis.  The fact that our economic model from the Scottish Enlightenment could predict the current crisis means that it is totally preventable and even solvable if only people knew about Superphysics

We're on lockdown like most of the world because of Covid, so ironically, we can't attend startup events to explain our solutions for Covid. On the bright side, this gives us time to integrate the solution into a theory called Medical Superphysics  which will be implemented in our app called SORA Health

SORA Match @ProductHunt
Dec 15, 2019

We've posted SORA Match on Product Hunt: Product Hunt
Update Nov 2020: We'll remove SORA Match and integrate it instead to the main SORA mobile app for easier maintainability

SORA Fairtax @Hackatax
Nov 5, 2019

We've submitted our entry  to the Hackatax

SORA Agreeculture @Impact Hackathon
Oct 31, 2019

We pitched the complete version of Agreeculture in the Impact Hackathon and made it to the Top 10

SORA Reuse @Pasig Climathon
Oct 25, 2019

We tried out for SORA Reuse for the Pasig Climathon but didn't make any place, so we will drop it

OOH @Accelerate Asia
Oct 16, 2019

Jose pitched Oil of Hope (OOH)  at QBO for the Accelerate Asia event

SORA Gov @UHack
Sept 29, 2019

We made it to the Top 10 of UHack and onboarded Adrian.

Update Nov 2020: SORA Gov evolved into Social Governance or SOGO

SORA Agreeculture @Hack4Rice
Aug 30, 2019

We're in Hack4Rice at IRRI and onboarded Pathmasiri

SORA Beacon @Break the Fake
Aug 17, 2019

Juan and Micheal were at Break the Fake to pitch Beacon but didn't make any place

SORA Apprentice @World Vision Social Innovation Challenge
Aug 14, 2019

We won 2nd place in the World Vision Social Innovation Challenge!

SORA Match @Maker Faire
Jun 22, 2019

Juan will be manning the SORA booth at the Manila Maker Faire in BGC from June 22-23

SORA Pledge @Hack the Hive
Aug 25, 2019

JM and Arian are in Hack the Hive to pitch our SORA Pledge prototype

SORA Gov @ULI Urban Innovation Challenge
Aug 29, 2019

Juan pitched SORA Gov as Poblacion portal in the ULI Urban Innovation Challenge and onboarded Jose this month

SORA Relief @AWS Hackday
Mar 20, 2019

We made it to the Top 5 of AWS Hackday and will pitch SORA Relief

SORA [email protected] Hackathon
Nov 24, 2019

Juan was at DISH to pitch SORA Trade and won a consolation prize

SORA [email protected] Decode Hackathon
Nov 10, 2018

Andrea is at the Decode Hackathon to pitch SORA Power
Update Nov 2020: SORA Power evolved to become Social Governance or SOGO

SORA [email protected] Space Apps Challenge
Oct 21, 2018

We won the Most Inspiring award at the NASA Space Apps challenge pitching DIRA (Disaster Resource Allocation)!
Update Nov 2020: DIRA evolved to become SORA Relief

May 2, 2018

We have a booth at the ITP anniversary event in Thu Duc. We onboarded Tai.

SORA @Coderschool
Mar 16, 2018

Juan pitched in Coderschool and Tri5's event

SORA @Zalo Hackathon
November 16, 2017

We're at the Zalo hackthon with Henry and Vin.

SORA @Blockathon 2017
November 26, 2017

Juan and Hung won 2nd place in the blockathon!

SORA @Slush Global Impact Accelerator
Oct 28, 2017

We made it to the semifinals of Slush Global Impact Accelerator

SORA @BSSC Startup event
Aug 26, 2017

Team SORA is with Team EZGamio at the BSSC startup event in Saigon. We onboarded Lam who is also our newest cofounder

SORA @Startup Weekend Cambodia
Feb 5, 2017

We made it to the semifinals of Startup Weekend Cambodia pitching DCS (Debt Clearing System)!
Update Nov 2020: DCS evolved to become Social Banking

November 19, 2016

Juan is in Malaysia for the ASEAN's Next Great Idea contest.

SORA @Techfest 2016
November 12, 2016

We're at Hanoi Techfest from Nov 12-13. We onboarded Linh

SORA @VSV Demo Day 2016
July 16, 2016

We're in force at the VSV Demo day. It was our first booth ever and it was great!

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