Better health for all

SORA Health is our health platform that allows users the freedom to choose.

People who cannot afford hopitalization or doctor's appointments have to rely on unprofessional advice. SORA Health gets information on diseases and known cures from medical books and professionals in order to bring them to the people
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Healthcare need not be expensive

Our platform suggests therapies and specialists based on user data.

◄ Focus on Prevention

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Western Medicine


Born out of the Covid crisis

The inability of Western medicine to solve Covid in 2020 prompted us to implement David Hume's ideas on medicine as Medical Superphysics.

The Freedom to Choose

The metaphysical David Hume part
No single medical religion should have a monopoly of how people can get well. Medical Superphysics combines all data to come up with possible solutions through ISAIAH or the Impartial Spectator Automated Intelligence Aggregation Host

Connectable to Marketplaces

The practical Adam Smith part
After you choose the treatment that best matches with you, the app can refer you to third-party suppliers via Marketplaces.

"Looking forward to mobile app and website. I believe new medicines are more advanced."

Aabshar (Pioneer tournament), June 2020

"Good effort. Anything medtech is especially crucial these days.", May 2020
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