An economic system based on social contracts

Crisis-proof. Recession-proof. From the Enlightenment.

Will you survive the Great Stagflation?

Will you survive the Great Stagflation?

SORA is a new hyperlocal economic system designed for all kinds of crises

No Money? No Job? No Problem!

SORA is based on the real value of the actual goods and services relative to each other and not to fiat money. Ecommerce won't work without credit card or cashless payments, but SORA can

Crisis-ready. Works in all conditions.

SORA allows both money and barter transactions, allowing you to buy and sell whether people have money or not. It only fails when society itself fails.

Kiss Total-Uncertainty Goodbye

SORA uses Socrates' Law of Social Cycles to predict thingsUpdate March 2020 We were able to predict the crisis year but we were around 1 year off. So there will still be uncertain but not as much as before[. So there will still be uncertainty, but not as much as before.]

The negroes on the coast of Africa have a sign of value without money. It is a nominal sign founded on the degree of esteem which they fix in their minds for every merchandise, relative to their need for it. A certain merchandize is worth three macoutes. Another is six macoutes. Another is ten macoutes. The price is formed by comparing all merchandizes with each other. They have therefore no particular money, but each kind of merchandize is money to the other.

Montesquieu, Simple Spirit of the Laws

How it works

Sora Prevents Crises, Unemployment, Poverty, Etc By Enabling Flexible Contracts

Everything in an economy all in one place

SORA is a complete economic system made up of different apps and APIs that work online or offline

Value is in the eye of the beholder

In the book One Red Paper Clip, a man was able to trade a paper clip for a house after one year of successive barters. We call such wealth-creation method as resource arbitrage safer but slower than money-based speculation

One city. One server

What happens when you connect a city's economy to its government? A city-state!

SORA City is SORA connected to Social Governance or SOGO which is based on the city-states mentioned in The Republic by Plato.

Social Free Trade

SORA Trade is SORA Market for international trade, implementing EF Schumacher's Pool Clearing system

Bank with or without money

You might not have money. But you certainly have your labour

SORA has its own proposed banking system based on resource credits. Think of them as future social contracts that are non-transferrable and immutable

And no, it's not a barter system, just as we don't say that a mother cooking for her child in exchange for good behavior is barter. Rather, it's a "social contract for the allocation of food


Make your contracts work

Don't you wish you could know if your employee or employer was good to work with before you hired, or worked for, him? What about marriages and relationships? SORA has its own maching system to make better social contracts whether they be employment, purchases, marriages, or investments


Get cured with or without money

Have you been rejected by hospitals and insurance companies because you don't have money? Find alternative treatment, or when all else fails, check the database for symptoms and cures by yourself


No child left behind, even during pandemics

SORA Learn and Apprentice are decentralized, community-based learning systems for white and blue-collar jobs as alternatives to the centralized education in univerisites. It is directly connected to SORA Market and SORA Match so that students get a better skills-job match


Invest in your own society

Donate to sick people via SORA Health. Support students and apprentices on SORA Learn. Check the investee's profile in SORA Match


Get entrepreneurship intelligence

are you planning to develop a new product or service? Know first if it already exists or if there's any demand for it!



I very much like this work: A Research Proposal For The Formalization Of The Science Of SORAnomics And The Establishment Of A Social Resource Allocation System

Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista (University 2020 Foundation)

I believe it is developing into a worthwhile project.

Prof. Gavin Kennedy, a world expert on Adam Smith

I see enormous potential in SORAnomics

It's a nice idea that I may use to a certain degree. SORAnomics does seem complex enough to represent reality, and we are slowly drifting to new system.
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