Chapter 1: The Relation of Laws to different Beings

Laws generally are the necessary relations arising from the nature of things.

Some people assert absurdly that the various effects in this world were spontaneously produced by a blind fatality.

There is a primitive reason for these effects.

God is related to the universe as creator and preserver.

The world was formed by the motion of matter, and is void of understanding.

These rules are a fixed and invariable relation.

Intelligent beings might have laws of their own making.

We must therefore acknowledge relations of justice antecedent to the positive law by which they are established.

But the intelligent world is far from being so well governed as the physical.

We cannot determine whether animals are governed by the general laws of motion, or by a particular movement.

Animals are deprived of the high advantages which we have.

Man, as a physical being, is, like other bodies, governed by invariable laws.

Such a being might every instant forget his Creator.